Cave art/ Reflection

For me the most meaningful part was drawing my own cave art. I have significantly improved my understanding of how did early humans draw in the past. This makes me feel that our ancestors were admirable humans. Having experienced drawing cave art, I knew it is hard to draw in cave because we crumbled paper and it was really hard to draw on it. Now, I wonder how did they think about drawing with ochre. I am not yet confident  about how they expressed their feelings in drawing. This is similar to writing cuneiform because cave art is first form of writing. Most importantly, I have learned that cave art is their language. Initially, I thought they had language and they also drew for just fun, but now I understood the purpose of it. I think we can’t live like this if early humans, our admirable ancestors didn’t invented or discovered things.

My cave art

Voices of River Valley

For this project, we had to choose an artifact from ancient civilizations. So I chose cartouche of ancient Egypt. I made a plaque and video about cartouche. For me most useful learning was how to use a green screen, because while I was using it I thought this is very helpful app. Also, I’ve learned how to present my works, and upload it. I have significantly improved my understanding of ancient Egypt, while I was researching about cartouche. Now, I wonder how they wrote it and who try or think to make it first. I’m not yet confident about the main purpose of cartouche. As a next step, I need to work on research about cartouche to have a confident about my thinking. Initially I felt cartouche is not important to ancient Egypt, but now I think cartouche was very important to them.


Video Link                  

SLC world language

As a English learner, I’ve learned English. (like grammar and some word.)

For example, I chose this piece because in WLE we used a notebook to do quick write or jot something about book that we are reading.

I want to work on speaking and reading.

I want to learn more at speaking and reading, because I’m really bad at English. I think is not I want to it’s I have to learn English to exit EAL. But also I want to exit EAL, because I want to learn another language.



SLC technology

 As a tech expert, I’ve learned how to use popplet and google drive.

For example, I chose this piece because I use popplet to help me to draft easier.

I want to work on learn more about electronic.

I want to learn more about electronic device, because I love to do phone games. So I want to learn more about electronic device.

SLC scienceĀ 

As a scientist I’ve learned how to research about my topic and water hyacinth. 

For example, I chose this piece because I researched and watched a video then I wrote in my notebook. 

 I want to work on researching, because I’m not sure how to research and I want to know which site is best to researching.

After reflecting on my work in science I realize I want to learn more about create a model and draft about my topic specifically and use only certain information.