Vignette – Heart and light

Heart and light

Grade 7

       “Love” my mom said softly.    

       “Also, a friend.” my dad add it.
        They were answering my question, what they value the most in their life.

       “What do you mean by that? Why do you value that the most? I asked.

       My parents looked like they are thinking about my question. There was a silence a few moments.

       “Love is a heart,” mom started to talk about it.

       “Heart is the most important part in our body. Love is as important as our heart. We loves you two and supporting you by giving you a food, clothes, jewels, and we send you to the school to learn.” mom answered and looked at me and my sister.

       I was thinking while my mom was talking about it. I noticed that I’m here, I born because of my parents loved each other. Also, they loves me till now. I was looking back the past and I was able to learned that my mom, dad and sister gave me a lot of love. I thought that is necessary thing, but it is not. I felt sorry and thankful for them.

       “Thanks, and how about the friend?” I asked curiously.

       “Friend, as important as love in our life,” dad stated.

       “You go to your friend’s house and play together. You can tell your friend a secret or you can get rid of stress with your friend. Your companion can give you a advice or scold you and make you go to the right path. This is the reasons why friends are important.” dad said.

       I think my friends are light. They are as bright and important as a light. When I’m surrounded by the darkness, the light, they help me from darkness. They protect me.