SLC world language

As a English learner, I’ve learned English. (like grammar and some word.)

For example, I chose this piece because in WLE we used a notebook to do quick write or jot something about book that we are reading.

I want to work on speaking and reading.

I want to learn more at speaking and reading, because I’m really bad at English. I think is not I want to it’s I have to learn English to exit EAL. But also I want to exit EAL, because I want to learn another language.



SLC technology

 As a tech expert, I’ve learned how to use popplet and google drive.

For example, I chose this piece because I use popplet to help me to draft easier.

I want to work on learn more about electronic.

I want to learn more about electronic device, because I love to do phone games. So I want to learn more about electronic device.

SLC science 

As a scientist I’ve learned how to research about my topic and water hyacinth. 

For example, I chose this piece because I researched and watched a video then I wrote in my notebook. 

 I want to work on researching, because I’m not sure how to research and I want to know which site is best to researching.

After reflecting on my work in science I realize I want to learn more about create a model and draft about my topic specifically and use only certain information.

SLC social studies

As a social studies learner I’ve learned what is slavery and the life of a slave.

For example, I chose this piece because in the picture you can see a information about slave. 

I want to work on slavery, because long time ago in Korea there were slavery too.

After reflecting on my work in social studies I realize I want to learn more about slave because I have two different dream. Psychotherapy expert is one of my dream. I want to help people like slaves, beggars and homeless people.


SLC math

As a mathematician I’ve learned how to draw a model that connect with problem, equation and how to write a solution sentence.

For example, I chose this piece because I drew model, equation and I wrote solution sentence too. 


I want to work on review my calculations and strategies if they are correct.

After reflecting on my work in math I realize how to select and use the appropriate tools to help me solve problems.

SLC writing reflection

As a writer, I’ve learned how to write long and stronger.

For example, I chose this piece because it show I wrote long and stronger than first time. 

I want to work on writing a good story, because my dream was to be an author, but not now. Because I think I’m really bad at writing a story. But also I didn’t abandon it.

After reflecting on my work in writing I realize that I have to add more than 3 evidence for my topic, because when I didn’t put evidence in my essay it didn’t  make sense. So I have to search a lot.

SLC reading 

As a reader I’ve learned how to jot a lot. It is better when you jot a note, because if you jot about story you can easily remember what happened.

I read a book about tiger. I jot important information on the notebook;I jot hunt,types of tiger and another information about the tiger. So it was easier to draft my writing. 

I want to work at read more then 30min, because I can’t read more than 5 or 10min. 

I realize that how to focus on one book and how to read longer. 

SLC introduction 

Dear parents

Thank you for coming to our conference. We’re done at choose the topic. Then we draft and create a 2D or 3D model about the topic. I choose invasive water hyacinth, because I thought water hyacinth is just good plant. But when I saw word invasive, I wondered why it is invasive water hyacinth. So I choose this topic. You can read what is water hyacinth, what is problem of water hyacinth and solution for that problem in my draft. My model is 2D model. It called cause and effect model. In my model cause is:If there’s no water hyacinth in the world. Effect is:It will be good and bad, because………… this.

I thought I’m doing really good work. But when I getting grit scale I think through what happened in past. So I thought I didn’t my work.

I like to ride a bike, I like to do drawing, swimming, sports, phone game, traveling other countries where that is mystery country and play different kinds of instruments. I’m good at badminton, recorder and instruments, etc.

Today, many of your question about my school life will be answered. I hoped that you will create more questions for me and perhaps answer a few yourself.