Ancient Greece -Myth second draft

                                                                                                               Belated regret
By: YeonWoo Seo
       Nowadays, we can see fascinating flamingos. Actually they have a sorrowful story. A story of a gorgeous girl and a benevolent boy. It happened like this.

       A long time ago in a village nearby Mount Olympus, one girl was living in very fundamental house. Her name was Kallos. She was very glamorous girl. She had double eyelids, clear and apparent eyes, prominent nose and cherry lips. So many boys admired her, but she had a few demerits which covered her all wonderful merits. That was her personality. She was very greedy and egoist. What was worse, she was vain and over confident, so many people didn’t like her after a single conversation. 

       One day, she surreptitiously walked to the Forest of Artemis to hunt. In the path to it, there was a golden rocks ,and elegant door was a entrance of the forest. While she was looking for the wild animals, she met one old woman. The old woman was wearing a black cloak, so nobody was able to see her face. Suddenly she stopped in front of Kallos. 

       “Excuse me, beautiful lady. What caused you to come to this wild forest?” Asked old woman, still cover her face.
       “Oh.. old woman, I came to hunt wild animals,” Kallos replied. 


       “But you know powerful demons are living here?” Wondered old woman. 
       “Yes, but I don’t care, because I’m very powerful and outstanding at hunting so,” answered Kallos. 
       “Then do you know the owner of this forest?” Old woman questioned, and she started to walk deep in the forest. 
       “Um… of course why not? Owner is Artemis, The goddess of hunting. Isn’t it?” Kallos inquired. 
       “Yeah you’re right, the owner is Artemis. Then you will know the rule. Nobody can come inside if Artemis didn’t allowed to,” Old woman indicated, stared at Kallos.
       “Yes, but how about you? You came inside of this forest too!” Kallos shouted, feel distracted by old woman.
       “Oh girl, Artemis allowed me to come in. Kallos, don’t be greedy. That mind is the way how you lose your precious thing. Just attempt or focus on what you are allowed to do. If you covet other’s things you will lose everything.” Old woman recommended.
       “I didn’t tell my name… how does she know my name?” Kallos was curious. She went back to her path to go to her house after old woman disappeared. 
       While she was going back to her house, she saw a handsome boy. So she doesn’t know why but she was going to him. “Hello? My name is Kallos, what’s your name?” Kallos asked. 
       “Oh.. my name is Alexios. Nice to meet you!” Answered Alexios. 
       They had a long conversation until Kallos notice it was dark now. When they were having conversation, they noticed that they like each other.
       “Oh now we have to go. The sky’s the dark cave now.” Said Kallos. 
       “Oh yeah. The sky is as dark as a cave. See you again. Bye!” Said Alexios, feel weird about his mind.
       There was a reason why Alexios still liked her. It is Kallos liked him so she was very careful when she was talking with him, because she remembered her mother said be careful when you’re talking with people. They don’t like people who is egoist or vain
       When she came back to her house she thought about old woman who she met in the forest. But she didn’t care about what she said and fell asleep. 
       Next morning, she went to the same forest again. She was afraid to see old woman again, because old woman warned her not to come this forest again, but she met her again. 
       “Oh my… you didn’t care what I told,” she came closer to Kallos. “Girl, I warned you last day but you didn’t listen. You will regret bitterly.” Then she flew away. Kallos ran away of that forest and she met Alexios. 
       In the mount Olympus, Artemis called Eros. “Eros, let me revenge to her she illegally came into my forest. Shoot Kallos with your sharp love arrow and shoot Alexios with your desire arrow.” Pleased Artemis. So Eros agreed to do it and he shoot it. 
       So it makes Kallos love him but same time Alexios hate her because of it. She always followed Alexios so Alexios was very stressful.
       Same as normal days, Kallos was following Alexios and if there is a female who is coming to him, she distract and get attention of them. When it was night Alexios was relaxing, get free from Kallos. But it didn’t take long time. Kallos came to him and 
       “Please Kallos I hate you as much as how the rats hate cats. So please let me alone!” Shouted Alexios.
        “I can’t! It is hard to let you go alone. I don’t know why, but I can’t.” she responded mournfully. 
       One day, Alexios prayed to gods. “Gods please help me. If you can’t stop her, please change me to other living thing that can be chirpy and free.” 
       When Zeus heard it he called Hephaestus and ordered to make him ecstatic animal so he made Alexios a beautiful living thing called flamingo. It was different with other animals, it was beautiful.
       But when she notice that Alexios is gone, she prayed to gods. “I’m sorry gods. Please..please let me find Alexios.” 
       So this time Artemis heard her woeful pray, and she ordered Eros to make Alexios to hate Kallos, so she made Kallos to a same type of animal as Alexios.
       But when they met each other, they just flashed by, and wasn’t able to notice each other. So Kallos was doleful, and realised it pays what she did so she promised not to be greedy anymore.