Pin cushion

We made a pin cushion. When I was choosing the design of mine, I chose letter L but I wanted to be more challenging. So I chose a design something looks like an squid with only three legs. Then we learned how to put the buttons on the fabric(clothes). I was struggled when I was cutting fabrics into my design, because the fabrics were curved I wasn’t able to immobilise and cut it. We put a buttons on each fabric. It was fun to tie it up. I was also struggled with sewing edges. I went up and I got confused so I came back down the same way I went up. My squid’s legs were to thin when I flip it over.  If I’d make another pin cushion, I will make legs more thicker and cut my shape perfectly.

It became very thinner than my drawing.

This is my finished pin cushion.

This is my drawing of my design.